Processing a thought, an idea, a philosophical or social construct I determine to reduce it to an image, a symbol and make it visible. I use a variety of materials and techniques. Whichever tool it takes to navigate the chasm between the thoughts and images in my mind to the produced object. Per my work with paint, oil and encaustic paints timing and physicality helps to co-ordinate the sometime vulnerable, sometime aggressive step from mind to object. Through some magical process, the inevitable distortion from the act of observation makes its way to the truth, from looking to seeing. I am interested in capturing what is seen that is both familiar and non-ordinary, that which is seen with the third eye, neurological imagery. Making thoughts visible and the workings of the mind is what I find compelling. For me, abstract ideas and universal themes such as duality, opposites, absolutes and illusion are well represented through abstract art. The structural and architectural use of paint and the demanding attention of the viewer’s presence is what I hope to succeed.

Mia Muratori
January 2016